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How old where you when you realized you are lucky?
If you had it to do over again what would you study in school?
What subject do you wish you had paid more attention to in school?
What company do you think has a bad name?
What would you like to add to you life?
Is there such a thing as too much chocolate?
What is your favorite book?
What motivates you to exersize?
Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?
If you were a criminal master mind. What would be your criminal racket?
What musical interments do you wish you could play?
Who is someone from your past that you are sorry you lost track of?
What is your favorite thing about fall?
What is the best food on a hot summer day?
What is your idea of heaven?
If you life had a sound track what song would you pick for it?
What music do you and you father have in common? 
If you did not need the money what would you do for work?
If you had an extra room in your house what would you use it for?
What daily activity boars you?
In what way are you superstisous?
What is your dream job?
What is your ringtone?
Who was your best friend growing up?
What did you do durring your childhood summers?
What is your favorite day of the week?
When was the last time you turned your mobile phone off(not just on silent)?
What do you think the afterlife is like?
What TV show are you embarrassed about watching?
What traditions did your family have?
What is the worst flavor of icecream?
What is the furthest north you have traveled?
Where were you in life 10 years ago?
Did you ever get left behind as a child?
What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?
What is your favorite condiment?
What was the last sporting event you went to?
What is the ideal comfort food?
What culture not your own do you respect?
What was your firest email address?
What is your warmest birthday memory?
What is the best costume you have worn?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Did you ever want to change your name? If is to what?
What do you do for exercise?
What song do you sing in the shower?
What movie can you quote word for word?
What job did you have that you would never want to work again?
What Olympic sport would you like to try?
What goals do you have for your work?
What would you want your last words to be?
How would you explain love to somebody who had never heard of it before?
If you could bring one thing from the 1950's to the present day what would it be?
How many e-mails are sitting in your inbox?
What song do you have memorized?
What is your favorite thing about winter?
What goals do you have for your education?
What song defines your childhood
Do  you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Why?
If you had your own TV network what would yo put on it?
What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?
What was the first thing you learned to cook?
What job have you been procrastinating?
Where is the funniest place you have ever fallen asleep.
What traditional gender roles do you agree with?
What makes you feel young?
What comic strip do you like to read?
Where is the farthest you have traveled from here?
What is the furthest south you have traveled?
What would be your personal hell?
What pet frightens you?
What scares you in the dark?
What is your favorite holiday?
Who do you try to impress?
What was the first concert you went to see?
How much time would you spend to save $100?
At what point did you life change for the better?
What book have you attempted to read several times but have never been able to finish?
When was the most peaceful day you have had?
What room in the house do you most like to spend time in?
How would you like your family to commormorate you rlife?
What do you think about when there is nothing you have to think about?
What technology do you think you will never adopt?
What is your favorite thing about summer?
What disease frightenes you?
What song typifies the last 24 hours of your life?
If you had to act your age what behavior would you change?
Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life?
What is your favorite thing about your dad?
What part of pop culture do you wish would just go away?
What is your favorite salty snack?
What song do you love to dance to?
What was your most embarrassing hair style?
If you could have a drink with someone from history who would it be?
What is the furthest west you have traveled?
What is the funniest thing you have heard a child say?
What vegetable do you hate?
if you could live in any other country for 2 years where would you go?
Do you believe in God?
What is the worst physical pain you have ever been in?
What are you afraid of?

These questions come for multiple sources our contributors are our users. As souch many of the questions assume that the questioner and/or questioned are at least 19 years old. However the vast majority are broadly applicable. All questions are family friendly and should not bring uncomfortable questions from younger children. Likewise the questions will not expand the vocabulary of those you children.

Fun get to know you questions for all ages