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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about

Life Lessons - How to talk about religion with your friends.

Why Talk About Religion?

In today’s world talking about religion can be a sensitive topic. At the same time religion is a fundamental and integral part of many of our lives and the lives of many of our friend.   If you are deeply religious it will be impossible for your friend to understand you without having some understanding of your religious side.  Likewise if one of your friends is a devout person you understanding of him/her will depend on your understand his/her belief and value system.

Many religions carry a mandate to share their beliefs with others. These conversation starts are not intended as a proselytizing tool. They are intended to promote understanding and start a deeper conversation that can lead to spiritual topics.


This assumes that the to people in the conversation are already friends.
This assumes that families play an important part in the belief system.
This assumes that you have some time to talk in a comfortable uninterrupted environment

25 Questions to start a spiritual or religious conversation.
            What to talk about when god is on your mind.


When was the most peaceful day you have had?

What goals do you have for your children?

What biblical name do you like?

What is one thing you are sure about?

What traditions does your family have?

What was a piece of advice that your father gave you?

What was a piece of advice that your mother gave you?

Where do you believe you where before you were born?

How would you like your family to commemorate your life?

Under what circumstances would you adopt a child?

What gives you hope for humanity?

When was the last time you did volunteer work?

What is something you believe will last forever?

What is your idea of heaven?

Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life?

Do you believe that God has a sense of humor?

What is the most generous gift you have ever received?

When have you seen Karma at work in your life?

Not counting your religion, which religions do you find interesting? Why?

What is the most enjoyable thing you family has done together?

What do you think the afterlife is like?

What would be your personal hell?

What do you believe lies beyond the stars?

If you could ask God a question what would it be?

What was a life lesson you did not appreciate until years afterward.


Ensure Mutual Respect

Remember when talking about religious topics you are often talking about deeply held and cherished beliefs. It is vital to be respectful. There will undoubtedly be components that you do not understand. Do not criticize any component of the belief system.  When you find point of agreement be sure to point these out and build upon them. 


Asking the right questions is more important than knowing the answer.                    home


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