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Life Lessons (13 questions to ask before you loan anyone money)

Life Lessons (13 questions to ask and answer before you loan money to anyone) - We also have a section that is a collection of questions designed to help dig deeper into life situations.  They are geared toward life’s most common and most uncommon events. Some of them are humorous while others are some of the most serious and important topics in life.


13 questions to ask and answer before you loan anyone money

What is the repayment plan and time period?

What is the interest rate?

Why is the person unable get a loan from a credit card or commercial institution?

Are there any late payment penalties?

Is there any collateral?

Does the person have a problem with drugs or alcohol or gambling?

What will be different in the future to enable them to repay this loan?

Do they owe money to or are borrowing money from anyone else?

If you do not make the loan what will that do to your relationship with the person?

What sacrifice is the person willing to make to ensure the loan gets repaid?

Where does repaying you fall in their list of priorities?

What is the loan for?

Can I make the loan?

Can I afford to never have this money repaid?

Can our relationship survive never having this money repaid?

What recourse do I have if this money is not repaid?

What would I do with this money if I am not loaning it out?



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