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The Psychology Behind Getting a Boy To Ask You Out

As disused earlier there are the process of getting a boy to ask you out has been broken down into 10 steps. There is a reason behind each step and the reasons are outlined here.

Now lets walk through the process and the explanation behind each step. .

Step one: Make eye contact.
This is self-explanatory.
Step two : Smile.
The Smile. This is important because it says “hello I am friendly and approachable”  and “I might be interested in you” Most guys will not make a move unless they think you might be interested in them. 
Step three : Wave him over to you
This separated him from his friends. It is hard for even the most outgoing of girls to approach a group of guys. If you wave him over, he is then walking to you and he feels like he is initiating the conversation. He also does not have any one that he is trying to impress (besides you).
Step four : Introduce yourself and ask a question  
The Question. The reason why this is important is it gets both people engaged in the conversation before anyone has a chance to feel self-conscious.  Sometimes you will pick a question spontaneously at the spur of the moment. At other times you will have prepared a question for this encounter beforehand.
Step five :  Make small talk
This do not need to be long or involved. But the conversation should be of sufficient length to allow both of you to  relax. This also gives you the opportunity to confirm to your self that you would like him to ask you out.
Step six : Complement Him
The Complement. It reinforces that you may be interested in him and that you will be worth talking a risk and asking you out.
Step Seven : Identify common ground and suggest an activity
It is just that simple.  
Step eight : Pause and Smile
This is probably the hardest step. It will likely create an uncomfortable silence. Don’t worry about it just smile and wait for him to talk. He will like need up to ten seconds to process. He is still asking you out. You are just making it easier for him.
Step nine : Accept his invite. To the movies.
Step ten :  Smile and tell him you are looking forward to it.

Remember the perspective of a boy asking a girl on a date. From the boys perspective, there are many uncertainties in him  asking you out for a date. Things like “Will I get rejected?” “What will we do on the date?” “When will we do it?” “Where will we go?” “How will we get there?” and “Can I afford it?”

The more of these uncertainties you can eliminate the easier it is for him to ask you out. You can go a long way just by suggesting low cost activates you would like to do. He will be more interested in you having a good than if he is having a good time.


A thought on faking laughter. Laugher is hard wired within the human brain to make us feel good when we laugh and to make us feel good when we hear it. Beyond that all people like to make each other laugh. If you laugh you will feel happy and more relaxed as such you will be more fun to be around.  It is not recommended that you fake you laughter. True,  if you do it well it will put him at ease but it will make you feel self conscious. Do not fake a laugh but if you feel one coming on do not stifle it infact do every thing you can to encourage genuine laughter to come out.

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