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Candy Coated Questions

Number of Players: Up to 12
Required materials: Bag of assorted candy. White board or paper and easel.
Preparation: Short
Time required:  Short - Medium

Start by passing around the candy and tell each participant to take a few pieces of anything that they want.  Instruct them not to eat it yet, though.  After they have chosen their candy explain the each pieces of candy represents a question they must answer before they can eat it.
If there is a whiteboard or chalkboard present, write on the board the following:

  • Red –  When was the last time you did volunteer work?
  • Green – If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the US where would it be?
  • Blue – Who do you admire as a leader?
  • Yellow - What did you do to get pocket money as a child?
  • Orange – What movie can you quote word for word?
  • Brown - What was your first pet?

It is encourages to change the questions that correspond to each color of candy. If you don’t have the above colors, change the above to match the candy types that you have.  Each person takes turns introducing himself or herself, beginning with their name and then answering one question for each candy type that they have. 


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