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Group Therapy, a party game

Number of People:  More than 6
Time Requirement:  Variable
Required Preperation : None
Material Needed: None

This game relies on the juxtaposition of question and answers for humor.  It is a great icebreaker particularly if you can get a patient who is intelligent and a good sport.  This game can traditionally be played with a group of people only once.

Select one player to be the patient and have them leave the room. Coach the raining players that the patient will be asking them questions each player is to answer the question from asked two previous. The first two players will answer each question with a nonsense answer.
The patient will then be invited back into the room. And the rules are explained to him/her.
“You suspect that you are losing you mind. You have come to group therapy in order to get a diagnosis. As you any therapy you must first help yourself. You must ask the group questions in order to gain insight into you condition. We can only respond to you if you ask us questions. Your malidy is wide spread so I recommend you ask a broad base of questions.  Once you are able to self diagnose you can then seek treatment and you win the game. “

For Example

Carlos is the patient. He comes into the room receives the instructions and starts asking questions.

Carlos (1st Question ): Can you help me?
Victoria (Nonsense Answer) : The Jabberwakie

Carlos (2nd Question): What is your name?
Ivan (Nonsense Answer) : On Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Carlos (3rd Question): What is your favorite sports team?
Jamie( Answers the 1st questions) You will have to help yourself.

Carlos (4th Question): What is your favorite food?
Katie (Answers the 2nd Questions) Ivan.

Carlos (5th Question): Where are we ?
Pat (Answers the 3rd Questions):  Manchester United

Carlos (5th Question): What is my Job?
Victoria (Answers the 4th Question) Anything Chocolate.

And so on…

Note for play it is not required that the  patient go around the circle and ask question but it will be easier if he/she does. 

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