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In the Not Seat

Number of Players: 5 to 15
Required materials: One chair for each player
Preparation: Short
Time required:  Short

In the Not Seat is get to know you game that combines aspects of musical chairs with a fun personal facts. It is energetic and can be humorous and entertaining, especially when you discover interesting facts that you might not know or expect about people.

To set up the game, arrange several chairs facing inward into a medium sized circle. There should be one chair for each player, minus one. One person starts out buy standing in the middle of the circle. The player then loudly states their name and a fun fact about themselves. This fact must be true.  For all payers you share this fun fact must also get up and switch seats. For each statement, no player is allowed to sit in the same seat or a seat directly adjacent to his or her previous seat. One person will be left without a seat. This person is in the center for the next round and must make a fun fact statement.

In The Not Seat

A sample round might look like this:

Ten people sit around in a circle with Victoria in the center. Victoria turns around so she can see everyone in the circle and says “My name Victoria and I like Sushi.” Three players in the circle also like sushi and stand up and franticly attempt to switch chairs. Victoria slips into one of the empty chairs and at the end of the commotion Ivan is left with out a chair. The next round starts with Ivan stating a fun fact about himself.

This game is especially interesting when players use unique, unexpected, or funny statements.  For example, a player can say embarrassing or highly targeted statements. Have fun and remember the objective of the game is to get to know each other better.


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