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The Know Thy Neighbor Game

Number of Players: 5 or more
Required materials: None
Preparation: One question written on a note card per player. Optional small prize to award the winner of each round.
Time required:  Short, each round requires about 5 minutes.

A great get to know you party game. Where everyone in the group has a chance to answer for the main player. You can learn a lot when you know what someone does not know about you.


Start by selecting a player at random. Have them come to the front of the group and give them the prepared question.  Have the target player silently read the question and write their answer on the back of the card. Then have the player read the question aloud to the group. Each of the guests takes a turn guessing what the players answer is.  After each guest has had a guess the player reveals there answer and awards a prize to the guest with the nearest answer. 

Start the next round by selecting a new player. Continue until each of the players has a chance. 

Know Your Neighbor

A sample round may look like :

Victoria is selected as the player and takes a seat in the front of the group.  She reads the question and writes her answer to it. She then reads the question to the group.

Victoria  “What junk food is your weakness?”

The other players then attempt to guess what Victoria’s answer is

Jamie “I know it has to be chocolate.”
Oscar  “Of course it is chocolate but what kind, I am guessing 80% dark.”
Katie “I have seen you eat a whole bag of potato chips.”
Ivan “I know you always order a salad and steel my French Fries, I am guessing French Fries.”
Chris “Does beer count as junk food. I’ll go with beer”

Victoria then reveals her answer and awards the prize to whoever she feels is closest.

A variation on this game has the player read the question silently and writes down the answer. The player then shares the answer with the rest of the group and the other guest attempt to guess the question.

If you like this game you may want to look at Name Drop Guess Who . The games share many similar elements.

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