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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about

Penny For your Thoughts

Number of Players: Two or more
Required materials: Spare change
Preparation: none
Time required:  Short about 30-90 seconds per player

This is a simple yet effective activity. It is easy to prepare and can be enacted on the spur of the moment. This short activity has good visual reinforcement and is fun for a date or a group.


All players gather around and reach into their purse or pocket and pull out any coins that they have. Each player will select one coin. Players who do not have any coins should borrow from other players or the host or hostess can provide extra. Players will then read the date off of their selected coins. The host or hostess will then ask “What is an event from the date on your coin? It can be something happened to you, your family or in the news.” The players then take turns sharing events and commenting one each other’s events.


A Lucky Penny

Occasionally your group will find an old coin from before any one in the group was born. Encourage the players to work together as a team to determine what happened in history on the date. Remember the point of this activity is to start conversation and get to know each other. Each new coin should be viewed as a group discussion

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