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Questions Jumble

Number of Players: 4 or more
Required materials: pens or pencils for each player and paper
Preparation: None
Time required:  Short, each round requires about 1 minute per player

This is a simple game with some great interaction and humorous results.  Have all players sit in a circle. Have all players write down a question on a small piece of paper.  Have all players drop their questions in a bowl or a hat in the center of the circle. Have all players select a question at random from the center of the circle. Each player is to silently read the question and write down an answer on the back of the piece of paper. Next you will share the questions and answers with the group. Start with the most recent arrival to the party and have them read the only the question on their piece of paper. They have the person on the right read only the answer on the back of their piece of paper.  That player then reads the question from the front of the piece of paper and the player on the right answers.

A sample exchange among five players might look like this:

Katie (Question): “What do you look for in someone you date?”
Oscar (Answer):  “African or European”

Oscar (Question):  “What is the airspeed velocity of a swallow?”
Jamie (Answer):  “Fo Shizzelle”

Jamie (Question): “What slang word or phrase is most over used?”
Allison (Answer): “Aladdin”

Allison (Question): “What is your favorite Disney Movie?”
Ivan (Answer): “A burger  from the Heart Attack Grill.”

Ivan (Question): “What is the unhealthiest thing you have eaten?”
Katie (Answer): “Tall dark and handsome.”

Who Has Questions

Alternately you can print questions from You will probably receive better results and more engagement if the players come up with their own questions. You can also start the first round with pre-loaded questions and then let the player’s imagination run free.

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