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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about

Life Lessons

Life Lessons - We also have a section that is a collection of questions designed to help dig deeper into life situations.  They are geared toward life’s most common and most uncommon events. Some of them are humorous while others are some of the most serious and important topics in life. Some of the life lessons we will explore are


150 Questions you need to ask each other before getting married.

Who are you comfortable having me complain to?

How are the two of you going to resolve disagreements?

Where will you spend holidays?

What do you love about each other?

What do you like about yourself?

What talents do they have that complements yours?

What hobbies do the two of you share?

What entertainment do the two of you share?

How will your home decorated?

What "personal space" will be afforded to each of you?

What role will religion play in your life?

What can each of you do for "me time"?

How much money does each of you make?

How much is your future earning potential?

At what point will one of you quit your job?

What can each of you do to pick up some extra money?

What expenses should be reduced or eliminated

What are your current expenses?

What expenses could be reduced or eliminated if times get tough?

What expenses are you unwilling to reduce or eliminate?

Who will keep the family schedule?

Who will keep the family budget?

Who is responsible for paying which bills?

How do you let the other person know when the ground rules change?

What are appropriate/inappropriate gifts

What topics are off limits or uncomfortable to talk about?

How do you plan a vacation?

What decisions need to be made jointly?

What decisions can be made independently?

Are there any allergies?

How much money can each person spend with out discussing it with the other?

What does the family budget look like?

What does the family division of labor look like?

What are you savings habits?

Do you have any bills that are past due?

What do you want that you need to save up for?

Have you ever been arrested?

Have you ever had a judgment against you?

What memories do you want to create for your children?

What process do you use for big ticket purchases?

What is an an example of being impulsive?

What cheers you up when you are sad?

What makes you want to fight?

Wll you continue to fight even when you believe you are wrong?

How important is to to you to be proven right?

Who is a female role model in your life?

Who is a male role model in your life?

Are you a morning person or a night owl?



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