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Common Bonds

Number of Players:  10 at most
Required materials: None  (optional prizes)
Preparation: Short
Time required:  Medium

This is a low key mingle activity. It does a surprisingly good job in getting a small group of people very well acquainted with each other.


The host Instructs the group members to mingle. Each person will be responsible for gathering information about each other member of the group. Each player needs to talk to each other player and determine three things that they have in common.  After a sufficient mingle period all the players gather in a circles. Each player then takes a turn going around the circle and stats the three things that they have in common with each other players.

This game provides each player the opportunity to talk to each player and each player to tell something about each player. So everyone has the opportunity to hear about every member form every other player. As your group starts larger you end up with a significant amount of material to share.  In a group of 10 people they will be sharing 165 items.

Small prizes (like a candy bar) help change the pace. When two players identify an interesting or unusual trait that they have in common it is recommended that you award a prize.

Common Bonds Icebreaker Game

In a group of six players (Ivan, Katie,  Carlos, Amy, Eva, and Kim) 10-15 minutes will be given for the players to mingle. They will then all gather in a circle and

Ivan will say 3 things each about Katie, Carlos, Amy, Eva, & Kim
Katie will then say 3 things each about Carlos, Amy, Eva, & Kim
(Ivan has already identified 3 things that Katie and Ivan have in common. )
Carlos  will then say 3 things about Amy, Eva, & Kim
(Ivan and Kate have  already identified 3 things that they have in common with Carlos. )
Amy will then say 3 things about Eva, & Kim
(Ivan, Kate & Carlos have already identified 3 things that they have in common with Amy. )
Eva  will then say 3 things about Kim
Kim should be given a chance to identify any common bonds that have not been mentioned

If you like this game you may want to look at Interwoven. The games share many similar elements.

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