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Number of Players:  Medium to Large Groups
Required materials: A roll of colored string or yarn for each player and a pair Scissors.
Preparation: Short
Time required:  Short – Medium

This fun game is easy and accessible to all ages.  It creates a strong visual reminder of how much the group members have in common and how they connect to each other.



Have all group members gather in a circle. Provide each member of the circle with a different color of string or yarn. Each player then takes a turn saying something about themselves that they believe they share with some but not all of the group. Everyone in the group who shares this trait raises their hand. Then the player who asked the question hands each of them one end of his/her piece of string. The asker holds on the other end. The group then continues around the circle asking questions  and sharing information until each has a turn. By the end the circle will look like a multi colored spider web.  

Interwove Game

It can be interesting reinforcement to have the team draw connections between two members based on activities.  This will remind the group of each other’s names and personalities.

For example the team may be trying to find a connection between Eva and Victoria.
Eva is connected to Jason by a blue string (Love of Snowboarding) and Jason is connected to Chris by a brown string (never having left the country). Victoria and Chris are linked by a pink string (Favorite book is Catch 22).

For smaller groups you may wish to have each player say 2-3 things about themselves. For larger groups it can be amusing just to watch people make the hand off of string from the asker to others.

If you like this game you may want to look at Common Bonds . The games share many similar elements.

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