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Truth or Dare

Number of Players: 2 to 10
Required materials: None
Preparation: Short
Time required: Variable

Truth or Dare. A classic party game that gives players with courage and imagination a chance to shine. This game is popular with mostly with children, teens and college students. Although the nostalgia value makes it a great fit for older adults a well. This game is best with smaller groups where several of the members already know each other well. As with all games at GetToKnowU this games is depicted in a manner that appropriate for children and adults.

The game starts with one player starts asking another player, "Truth or dare?" If the queried player answers "truth", then the questioning player asks a question, usually embarrassing, of the queried player. The queried player must answer fully and truthfuly. If the queried player answers "dare", then the questioning player asks the queried to do something, also usually embarrassing. After answering the question or doing the dare, the queried player asks, "Truth or dare?" to another player and the game proceeds as before.

At any point the queried play my substitute a “truth” for a “dare” or a "dare" for a "truth".

The repetition rule is often used, not allowing players to choose "truth" or "dare" three times in a row. This increases variation for each player and makes the game more interesting.

The entertainment value of this game often comes form unexpected answers, and watching the queried player deal with an embarrassing and awkward situation. So it is important that the players are fair and everyone has a chance to be equally embarrassed.

A sample exchange may look like this:

Katie: “Ivan, truth or dare?”
Ivan: “Truth”
Katie: “What is the longest you have gone without taking a bath?”
Ivan: “When I was working for the forest service a couple of times I went from Saturday to Saturday with out showering.”
Ivan : “Victoria, your turn, truth or dare?”
Victoria: “It is about time for a dare.”
Ivan: “I dare you to sing a very sultry torch song.”
Victoria: “How about a truth?”
Ivan: “What celebrity did you have a crush on?”
Victoria: “Oh, Zach Braff from Scrubs. He is such a great lovable looser”
Victoria: “Andi, truth or dare?”
and the game continues

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I Double Dare You

Double Dare Truth or dare (variation)

In this variation the asker of the questions must also answer the question and the challenger of the dare must also complete the dare.


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