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10 Easy Steps To Get a Boy To Ask You Out   

Most girls find it a little intimidating to start a conversation with the boy that they are interested in. Under ideal circumstances he would walk up to you and start a conversation. There are however times when it is important and appropriate for you to make the first move.  Here are ten easy steps to initiating the conversation.

Lets start with a look into the perspective of a boy asking a girl on a date. From a boys perspective. There are many uncertainties in a boy asking a girl out. Things like “Will I get rejected?” “What will we do on the date?” “When will we do it?” “Where will we go?” “How will we get there?” and “Can I afford it?”

The more of these uncertainties you can eliminate the easier it is for him to ask you out. You can go a long way just by suggesting low cost activates you would like to do. He will be more interested in you having a good than if he is having a good time.

Now lets walk through a sample scenario and break it down into ten easy steps.


Step one: Make eye contact.
Step two : Smile.
Step three : Wave him over to you
Step four : Say “Hi, my name is _______ , What movie can you watch over and over again?"
Step five :  Make small talk
Step six : Complement Him
Step seven : Say "We like several of the same movies. I would love to go to the movies with you some time”
Step eight : Pause and Smile this may create an uncomfortable silence. Don’t worry about it just smile and wait for him to talk. He will like need up to ten seconds to process.
Step nine : Accept his invite. To the movies.
Step ten :  Smile and tell him you are looking forward to it.

Every step has additional reasoning behind it. For additional information read our dating psychology page

Of course in step four and seven is in only one of many conversation starts and activity suggestion combinations you can use. It is best if you can personalizes this to met you interests and his.  We have an additional 20 questions paired with 10 activity suggestions.

Practice. As with anything this becomes easier with practice.  You can role play with a friend if you just want to make sure you have the flow of the words and actions.  Unlike, starting a conversation with a boy. It is not ok for you to just practice getting a boy to ask you out. if you are not interested in him this would be manipulative and unfair to both you and him. If you do you will have a chance to see karma at work in your life.

Final Notes.  All though this is written with college aged girls in mind it has proven successful in both older and younger environments.   Remember to relax and have fun. If you are having fun chances are he is having fun.



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