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Life Lessons (Funny Questions)

Humor - These random funny questions will make you laugh and they will make you think. They are designed to be thought provoking and entertaining. They are clever and engaging. Most of all they are just a fun bunch of questions.

Random humorous, amusing and thought provoking questions and ponderables.

If you ate pasta and antipasti durring the same meal, would you still be hungry?

When a cow laughs, does milk come out of its nose?

What do little birdies see when they get conked on the head?

How do you know when it is time to tune your bagpipes?

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

If you can't change your mind, are you sure you still have one?

Why is it that bank will lend you money only if you can prove that you do not need it?

Why do we put suits in a garment bag and put garments in a suitcase?

Why is vanilla ice cream white when vanilla extract is brown?

Whose cruel idea was it to put an 's' in the word 'lisp'?

Why is it only drug dealers and software developers call their clients 'users'?

If someone told you he was a chronic liar, would you believe him?

If there were no sponges living in the oceans, would the oceans be deeper?

How does a Real Estate company sell its office without causing confusion?

Why is it that night falls, but day breaks?

Is there an abbreviation for the word abbreviation?

Why is the third hand on your watch called the second hand?

Why is the only way to get a clear conscience to have a bad memory?

Do radioactive cats have 18 half lives?

Why do we scrub Down and wash Up?

How can there be an all natural boneless chicken brest?

Why are semi-trucks bigger than regular trucks?

If you had everything, where would you put it?

Do burn victims get a discount at crematoriums?

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